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A secure and unique infrastructure in Canada.

Our Poc infrastructure and the PTT application remains your undisputed choice when it comes to the security and efficiency of your communications in North America or the rest of the world.

You will not depend on suppliers who do not have full control of their POC platform; both in terms of servers and development; because they did not developed their own PTT application themselves.

POCANYWHERE is the only company in Canada to have developed its own POC system and one of the rare in North America with this technological know-how.

Our Poc infrastructure and the PTT application

All our competitors use platforms provided by Chinese or Asian suppliers. They are entirely dependent on them and have no control over the system. The customer thereby becomes dependent on an infrastructure controlled by a supplier that is thousands of kilometers away and in different time zones from your local supplier.

In addition, our local competitors cannot help you in any case if your business requires specific developments. Only POCANYWHERE can meet your expectations; because it’s us who are developing the platform and our Android app.

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